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Everything you need to know about Hive+ Royalties


How do I transfer Royalties?


  1. Go to Cubee Trust & sign in.

  2. Fill the month, designers & products you've sold.

  3. Input payment details & pay 10% of your sales

  *Remember to exclude shipping and third-party fees, and calculate your royalty payment.

In the Video:

  • Dashboard: Learn how to reach HiveTrust through your Hive dashboard to pay royalties. 

  • HiveTrust: Understand Hive's royalty-based system for Hive+ and HiveUnlimited users.

  • Payment Details: See how to input sales data, and transfer the payment.

Why do I Need to Pay Royalties?

To sum it up:

  • It's a win-win. HiveTrust royalty system benefits both designers and sellers.

  • It enables limited access. Each catalog has only 50 seats. This reduces competition and puts focus on quality over quantity.

  • It protects the exclusivity of the files. Hive verifies each seller to maintain design protection.

How do I calculate the royalties I need to pay?

The HiveTrust software will calculate your 10% automatically. 

You need to make sure you deduct the shipping/packaging cost from your sales, as well as third-party fees (like Etsy's cut form your sales). This way you only pay royalties for your net sale price.

Be sure to deduct from your reported sales price:

Shipping cost

Packaging expences

Third-party fees


When do I Pay the royalties?

At the start of each month, report the sales you’ve made in the previous month, and pay royalties for these sales. 

Watch the short vid to learn more.

HBA06535 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

What if I don't Pay Royalties?

In this Video you will learn When it is acceptable not to pay royalties, and when it is not acceptable not to pay royalties.

Vase comp 3.jpg
“But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

Bono, U2

  • What does Cubee do exactly?
    Cubee helps businesses adapt a greener, more efficient method of commerce by switching to digital inventory that is locally manufactured. The products we offer are tailored to the specific needs of the business and are then ready for manufacturing at any moment, anywhere. The manufacturing is handled by Cubee through a global grid of micro-factories.
  • What types of businesses do you work with?
    Our most popular clients are medium sized businesses in the fields of Home Decor, Interior Design, Plant Nurseries, Event Planners, Florists, Personalized gifts and lifestyle shops. Even if you do not fit these profiles, let’s set up a call and see how Cubee can help you:)
  • How are products tailored to my needs?
    All products offered on Cubee are in fact digital files that are essentially just code that can be manipulated to your needs. This means you can change their size & shape, add texts & logos and change their colors.
  • How does Cubee help my business reduce costs?
    1. No more big expensive orders. All products are made to order, so you can order small diverse batches. If you sell online you can even order the product once you’ve already sold it. 2. No more running out of stock or getting stuck with products you can’t sell. Anything you sell with Cubee is locally made - so you can expect fast restocking of unique products. 3. No more paying overhead for made to order products. With Cubee everything you sell is tailored to your needs - and you don’t pay extra for the customization.
  • How do I get a sample?
    Simple. Just contact us, or set up a call. We will have a short 10 minute chat with you to understand what product you are interested in and we will send you a sample right away.
  • Who will make the products I order?
    Behind our service is a community of thousands of micro-factories that are based all around the world. When you make an order, Cubee automatically matches you with a verified manufacturer near your location who will use 3D printing technology to create your order.
  • How does the process work?
    Easy: 1. We talk to you, understand your needs and send you a sample. 2. You approve the products you wish to work with - and create your personal line of products that are fitted to your needs. 3. Whenever you need a product, you simply place an order (for as little as a single product) and Cubee will take care of the local manufacturing. 4. Products are delivered to you as soon as the products are ready. *You can even manufacture next to your customer rather than next to your own business (did anyone say ‘expanding abroad’?) 5.You high five a Cubee.
  • Do I need to order a minimal amount of products?
    No. There is no bottom cap on your orders. You can order one item at a time, or even sell a product and only then have us manufacture it. Cubee was created so you could order small batches of products that fit your needs exactly, instead of big batches of products you have to compromise on.
  • How much does it cost?
    Because each product is tailor made for you, the prices vary depending on the sizes, shapes and material you choose. In general, our products are very similar in price to imported mass-produced alternatives. When it comes to 3D printing manufacturing two things affect the price: manufacturing time and material amount. So the price will rise the bigger your product is.
  • What are the products made of?
    Most of the products created with Cubee are made out of PLA - a plant based material.
  • Why do cats have whiskers?
    We don’t know, we are cube shaped bees and we’re afraid of cats🐱
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