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Designed by TIMONTIMON,

Made in wherever you are

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About Us

Cubee is a small startup helping merchants sell locally-made products created by brands from all over the world, using 3D printing. This way, we help businesses reduce costs, stand out & embrace a greener way to sell

The products in this collection, each of unique and minimalist shapes, are 3D printed in PLA - a plant-based recyclable bioplastic. They were created using modern designing techniques to draw out the aesthetics of the layer-by-layer 3D printing manufacturing process known as FDM.

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Meet the Designer

"TIMONTIMON" studio, based in Italy, brings art and love together into your home. 

It's all about feelings with TIMONTIMON. Different moods are expressed through different structures. Body shapes provide inspiration, while lines give strength and height.

The goal is not to design an eye-catching object that fits in your house, nor to create something that just looks pretty on the shelf. It’s about feeling that the object represents you, your feelings, and your inner view.

Put love around you, Be yourself.



The Cubee method of local manufacturing upon demand gives us the flexibility to fit products to your needs before production. If you want to request a sample or get more details, we invite you to set up a meeting with one of our team members.

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