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Our Boot Camp is entering its fourth round, and we are looking for the next participants.

Updated: Jun 18

If you are subscribers to the Hive Plus or Hive Unlimited plans, you are welcome to sign up for the next round of our Boot Camp, which will start on July 1st.

As part of our efforts to assist you in growing your business, we’re pleased to announce our 4th Bootcamp cohort.

After 3 successful bootcamps, 20 companies in total, we are ready for you to join the next cohort of 6-8 sellers, starting Sunday, July 1st, 2024, at 10 AM EST and lasting for 8 Sundays/weeks.

We will be selecting participants from different competitive regions (to avoid any conflict). If you wish to join, please complete this form before June 21st.

In these meetings, we will:

  • Welcome guest speakers to teach on specific business topics

  • Discuss and learn from one another

  • Establish collaborations, and

  • Much more.

Unfortunately, due to territorial restrictions, not all applicants will be accepted. However, the following cohort will start in Oct/Nov 2024, giving you the opportunity to join then.

*Note: Only Cubee members may participate.

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