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Monthly Royalty Report: April 2024

Updated: 4 days ago

April showed a noticeable decline in sales for the 3D printed home decor market compared to the previous month. This recap provides an overview of the top-selling items and their performance across various platforms, highlighting trends and offering recommendations to address the downturn.

Product Sales Overview

Top Sellers:

  1. "AMANITA FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF - Gazzaladra Design

  2. "DJAMOR FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF - Gazzaladra Design

  3. "OSTREA FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF - Gazzaladra Design

Gazzaladra Design
Gazzaladra Design

Mid-Level Performers:

  1. "FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF - Gazzaladra Design

  2. "EDODES FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF - Gazzaladra Design

Other Noteworthy Products:

  • "OYSTER FUNGUS" SHELF - Gazzaladra Design

  • "PINICULA FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF - Gazzaladra Design

  • "TINDER FUNGUS" SHELF - Gazzaladra Design

  • Bubble Cloud Shade - 3D Print Project Athens

  • Bubble Gum Lampshade- 3D Print Project Athens

  • Fungus Magnet Kit - Gazzaladra Design

  • Lava Vase - Kowafatcompany

  • Modular Stackable Boxes - Gazzaladra Design

  • Sofia Lampshade -Lunfardo

  • Spiral 1 - Martin Žampach

Sofia Lampshade - Lunfardo

Platform Performance Overview

Leading Platform:

Etsy: Continued to lead in earnings, but with a noticeable decline compared to March.

Secondary Platforms:

  • Other Platforms: Showed robust earnings, though slightly lower than the previous month.

  • Amazon: Maintained a steady role but also experienced a decline in sales.

Niche and Emerging Platforms:

  • Farmers Market: Showed potential for in-person sales but with minimal earnings.

  • Retail: Provided a steady but smaller revenue stream.

  • TikTok: While not a major contributor in terms of earnings, it continued to show potential for driving traffic.

Comparison with Previous Month

In March, the top sellers were dominated by the "Fungus" themed wall shelves. The "AMANITA FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF and "DJAMOR FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF continued to be the bestsellers in April but with significantly lower sales volumes.

March Sales Highlights

"AMANITA FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF: Had significantly higher sales in March.

"DJAMOR FUNGUS" - WALL SHELF: Experienced a decrease in sales compared to March.

Platform earnings also showed changes:

Etsy: Remained the top platform but with a decline in earnings from March.

Shopify: Was a significant player in March but not in April.

Other Platforms: Continued to perform well but showed a decrease from March.

Insights and Recommendations

Address the Sales Decline:

The drop in sales from March to April highlights the need to reassess and adapt strategies. Consider running targeted promotions or discounts to attract more buyers.

Diversify Sales Channels

The consistent performance across different platforms underscores the importance of a multi-channel sales strategy. Expanding presence on platforms like Amazon and exploring more niche markets can provide additional revenue streams.

Optimize Product Listings

Etsy and Amazon: Ensure product listings are optimized with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and appropriate keywords to enhance visibility and attract potential buyers.

Social Media: Leverage TikTok and other social media platforms to create engaging content, showcasing the uniqueness of the products to drive traffic and sales.

Focus on Popular Products

The "Fungus" themed wall shelves were the top sellers, reflecting a consumer preference for unique, nature-inspired designs. Expanding this line with new variations or related products could help counteract the sales decline.

Enhance SEO Strategy

Incorporate relevant keywords such as "3D printed home decor," "nature-inspired wall shelves," and "unique wall decor" into your website and product descriptions. Regularly update your blog with content that includes these keywords to improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.

To ensure the ongoing success and growth of our community:

  • Support Our Designers make sure to pay your royalties on time to help us gather more data and continue supporting our talented designers.

  • Join the Discussion: Share your thoughts in the comments about why you think there was a sales decline this month. Your feedback is invaluable.

Conclusion April's sales data shows a decline compared to March, highlighting the need for strategic adjustments. By optimizing product listings, leveraging multiple sales channels, and focusing on popular product lines, sellers can work towards recovering and improving their sales performance in the coming months.

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