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The Honey Algorithm

How to rank high on Cubee and get more customers

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What is the honey algorithm?

The Honey Algorithm creates a unique ranking of all Cubee Printshops. The higher you're ranked, the better the chance you’ll be recommended by the Honey algorithm, the higher you'll show on the Printshop map, and the more traffic & jobs you'll get.

How does it work?

Several things influence your overall score - some are static, others change between orders. Here are the main variables:

  • Your number of successful sales

  • Your positive reviews

  • Your verification Status

  • Your Cubee Printshop plan

  • Your shop’s aesthetics

  • Your responsiveness to customers

  • The traffic you bring into your Printshop

  • Your pricing

  • The distance between you and the customer

Most relevant Printshop

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Most important

Sales & Reviews

Cubee wants to make sure that customers choose the most professional and reliable Printshop. The best way to show credibility is by having excellent reviews and a high number of sales. 


This is the most important metric, and it is also an essential part of the verification process. Every order you approve and complete that ends in a five-star score will earn you points that will help pave your way to the top of the list.


Buzzing tip: Cubee also takes into account discount jobs, and even prints you do for free. Use your Coupon generator to get your first sales and reviews.

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Verified makers will receive a special badge, which will be visible to customers.

The badge will appear next to your Printshops name and give you credibility, but more importantly, will give you an additional advantage to your ranking.


Learn how to become verified.

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The more unique visitors you drive into your printshop, the higher your rank is. 


We recommend copying your Printshop link, or links of products within your printshop and sharing them: post it on social media, put it in your bio, and send it to family and friends.

You can follow the number of visitors from your Printshops dashboard.

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Customers expect to get a quick response from a Printshop; otherwise, they may find another supplier.

We recommend responding no later than 24 hours to customers and confirming orders as soon as they are received. when an order goes unanswered, it can seriously affect your shop.

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Cubee plan

Makers who joined Cubee Patron will receive a score equal to the value of five completed orders.


Becoming a patron gives an immediate advantage over others. That is because most Patrons are already experiences service providers and because Patrons have more advanced tools that enable them to provide better services. 

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Aesthetics & Settings

Three elements are essential: A cover image, a description and a phone number (your number is used to send you notifications whenever you receive a new job).


We strongly recommend using all the tools available in the store to improve its visibility: add a subtitle, description, photos of your prints, and links to your social networks. 

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Printers & Shipping

Two other factors can increase your score: the number of printers you own, and your shipping options.


Both factors not only increase your score but actually make you eligible to receive more jobs - that is because the wider your printing and fulfillment capabilities are - the greater the jobs diversity you can offer potential customers.

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High rank can also make you appear
as a 

How to become a verified printer

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To get the verified printer badge, you need to meet a few requirements:

1. complete at least ten orders of $100 total. 
2. Get more than five positive 5-star reviews. 
3. Use all the tools to improve the store's appearance,

including adding your phone number. 

Once you have met all these requirements, you can submit a request to become a verified Printshop. To do this, You’ll need to send us a photo of an ID card, and we’ll ask you to print out a small testing model and send us a picture of it. The completion of the verification process occurs over a 5 minute video call.

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