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Welcome aboard!

To get access to the design catalog,
you must complete step no. 1

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Step 1:

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Unlock your Hive+

Request Access to your designs

We review any new order to protect our designers. Request access to expedite the process. Make sure to use the email you registered with.

  Access can take up to 24 hours  

Great Job!
2 more steps to go.

 - Or -

If you have any questions, contact our PM at We are happy to help.

Step 2:

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Get to know the community

Join Cubee's Discord
This is your main knowledge base where we post updates, provide discounts, and where you can interact with Cubee's designers and other makers.

Step 3:


Done! Go to your Dashboard

This is Where You will Find All Your HiveUnlimited Links & Uses 
From Here you will get access to your design portal, your and everything else HiveUnlimited has to offer. ENJOY!

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