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Welcome to

We make 3D Printing a part of everyday retail 

Made in: Wherever You Are

A New Dawn for Sustainable Commerce

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We take digital designs

Created by global 3D artists

Turn them into physical products

That customers can personalize

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And manufacture them

Through our grid of +1,900
local 3D printshops

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Join the hive

Greener & Smarter

We’re creating a world of sustainable commerce where digital assets are locally manufactured on-demand, anywhere. 

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Make only what you need, when you need it

Cut down on overseas shipping

Support local businesses

Sell Products
Tailored to Your Business

Reduce costs, stand out & embrace a greener way to sell

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No inventory

No product is manufactured unless ordered beforehand.
This means - no need to buy large stocks in advance. 

Always local

It doesn't matter where you are. Your order will be made in a local Printshop - so no need for overseas shipping.

Fitted to your needs

The Cubee system gives you the flexibility to fit products to your needs before production - size, shape, and color.

Have a 3D printer?
Start Printing For Others!

Cubee enables anyone with a 3D printer to open a
one-stop-shop and become a micro-factory - for FREE.

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Designing 3D models?
Profit From Your 3D Skills!

Sell physical versions of your designs

We'll handle the manufacturing

Get paid per product

Link models to personalisation tech

Free to use

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Tap Into The
3D Printing Community

Upload Your 3D File and get an instant quote from 3D printshops in your area. Compare prices, choose the best Printshop for your needs, and start printing.


Step 1

Upload your

3D file(s)

Upload as many files as you like. You can change their settings, colors, and copies.


Step 2

Choose a local Printshop

We'll recommend the best Printshop for your needs, but you can explore many others! 

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Step 3

Get an instant

price quote

After picking a Printshop, choose a delivery method and proceed to check-out.

If you came all this way...

You must be worth talking to

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