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Meet Your New Printshop

We know that you're busy. You have a business to run, products to design and print, and customers to keep happy. The Cubee Printshop is here for that! 
This short guide will walk you through the tools we provide.

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This is what it looks like

The Game Changer

The true groundbreaking component of the Cubee printshop is the licensed model catalog, that is featured on every storefront. Customers can browse categories, buy products and even personalize their 3D prints. Top trending products are featured on your homepage and the entire catalog is compatible with your inventory & printing capabilities.


The Service Panel

This section is visible to your customers right off the bat. Received a new filament shipping? Just add the new colors to your inventory or remove old ones. 


The Road Map

As part of our mission to simplify the user experience, we implemented a short explanatory roadmap explaining the buying process. We have found this to raise the customers' trust in your services and increases conversion rates.


We Have You Covered

Cubee is already cutting your workload by over 50%, but we also aim to increase 3D printing orders by 50%. These new tools will help you do exactly that.

Fast & Efficient Instant Quotes

Put an end to price quotes through emails, and give your customers a seamless shopping experience with our automated slicer, transaction processing, and order management system.

Full Mobile Control

You can fully control your Printshop from your mobile & desktop. Track orders, contact customers, update inventory  & change your services, pricing and shipping - all from your phone.

Discount Coupons

Make your own coupon codes, control the discount amount and the number of coupons. Give 100%-off coupons to friends & family - it's a great way to get some reviews.

Personal Landing Page

Cubee Printshop works as your personal website. Your logo, cover image, one-liner & photo gallery (to showcase your printing quality) will make your Printshop distinctive.

Integrated Chat

It is a way for users to contact you and for you to manage your customer service. You can access the chat from your mobile dashboard, and you will be notified of any new messages via email.

Inventory Management

Your inventory is displayed to your customer in advance, giving you the ability to showcase all the extra services you provide, filament colors in stock, and the printers you own. 

Sell Your Models on CubeeMart

Cubee can help you sell your designs to everyone, anywhere, with zero effort.

Cubee Guidelines

If you plan to use cubee to profit from your 3D skills, here is everything you need to know. This Document serves as a transparency sheet for the terms of business conducted between Cubee and the Cubee Service Providers. If you still have any questions after reading this, please CONTACT US and let us know.

Cubee Service Providers Engagement Guidelines:  

  1. This document is subject to the Cubee terms of use and privacy policy.

  2. A “Cubee Service Provider” is any person or body providing services for pay via Cubee. That includes 3D printer owners & operators, 3D printing businesses, 3D designers uploading designs to Cubee and or providing modeling services via Cubee, Developers implementing personalization software or any other software into Cubee, Merchants selling and manufacturing goods via Cubee, Suppliers selling printers, filament or any other goods & supplies to other Cubee Service Providers, and any other future service providers on Cubee

  3. Cubee Service Providers must comply with the general Cubee terms & services and privacy policy.
    1. Service Providers will not use Cubee for any services that cause any intellectual property infringement.
    2. Service Providers will not use Cubee to create or help create any illegal, offensive, or violent parts and objects.

  4. Cubee holds the right to remove any Service Provider from the platform for any reason they see fit.
    1. Violations of Cubee policy will result in removal from the platform and may result in further legal action.

  5. Cubee Service Providers are responsible for the product or service they provide via the platform.
    1. That includes quality, supply (delivery if necessary), support, legal issues, and any other measure needed to ensure customer satisfaction.
    2. Service Providers unable to provide certain services are responsible to remove or suspend such services from Cubee. Printer operators unable to provide services will turn their printshop offline.
    3. Service Providers will keep their inventory updated at all times.

  6. Cubee Service Providers will decide their set fee per service.
    1. These prices will include all taxes charged by their local authorities.
    2. Service Providers hold the right to modify their pricing at any time, any way they see fit. 
    3. Cubee holds the right to set a minimum/maximum price for each service.
    4. Price modification may take up to two business days to update.

  7. Service Providers will receive payment for their completed services during the first week of each month following the completion of any service. 
    1. Service Providers will receive the full payment for the service, other than payment processor fees and transfer fees and service fees. These will all show under “Service fees”.
    2. Any Service Provider wishing to withdraw his funds sooner can do so by contacting
    3. Service Providers are responsible for the legal handling of their earnings through Cubee. They are obligated to act cleanly and with transparency with their tax officials.

  8. Cubee will charge a service fee from service providers using the free version of Cubee.
    Subscription users will only pay transaction/transfer fees charged by third party services.
    1. The fee will be deducted from the monthly funds paid out to the service providers.
    2. The fee will not affect the customer.
    3. Cubee holds the right to change the set fee whenever they see fit.
    4. The current Cubee fee stands at 10% per transaction + tax.

  9. Upon any dispute between Customer & Service Provider, Cubee will act as the mediator and will settle the dispute in any which way they see fit & in accordance with the Cubee terms & conditions.

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